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Welcome to the website of EH-Europe. We, the European advocacy group for patients with enteric hyperoxaluria, created this informative website for all patients with any kind of secondary hyperoxaluria. Secondary hyperoxaluria is based on many different diseases and can lead to severe clinical symptoms like recurrent kidney stones, or progressive nephrocalcinosis and it also can eventually lead to chronic kidney failure. No adequate age related information was available when we have started our work, neither there was a European initiative to built up an EU wide advocacy group. Here we are now – join us! If you are interested, send us an email at info@eh-europe.net.
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What is enteric hyperoxaluria?

Enteric hyperoxaluria for kids

Please watch our new video for kids, which explains enteric hyperoxaluria!

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The brochure will provide you with profound information about the reasons of enteric hyperoxaluria, its diagnosis and treatment options.

EH-Animation for adolescents

Please watch our new animation for adolescents - when crystal surfers and ghost bactors explain enteric/secondary hyperoxaluria!

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Patients and Physician videos


has short bowel syndrome and secondary hyperoxaluria.

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Dr. Geerd H.

suffers from Crohn's disease and secondary hyperoxaluria.

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has short bowel syndrome and suffers from secondary hyperoxaluria.

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Prof. Dr. Bernd Hoppe

What is the difference between Primary Hyperoxaluria and Secondary Hyperoxaluria?

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Prof. Dr. Manuel Ritter

Urological diagnostics and treatment

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Both in patients suffering from primary but also from secondary hyperoxaluria, such as in patients suffering from cystic fibrosis (CF) or Crohns disease, profound elevation of urinary oxalate excretion leads to significant clinical symptoms like recurrent urolithiasis or nephrocalcinosis and eventually chronic kidney disease.

Prof. Dr. Bernd Hoppe

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